Electro-hydraulic actuator PVE S7

In-use proven features PVE S7 models are 100% compatible with PVE Series 4. The new PVE Series 7 has a number of proven features that offer the high reliability expected from a Danfoss Power Solutions product.

  • Extreme Control – How To Get There With Your Own Hand Easy integration and installation.
  • Robustness and encapsulation potentiometer Microcontroller with integrated software algorithms.
  • Increased diagnostic coverage Robust in extreme conditions from -40 to + 90 ° C 40 years of experience with actuator technology The PVE S7 is designed on the basis of the successful existing PVE series.

Danfoss Power Solutions has supplied its customers with a wide range of electric actuators for decades, and our vast technical experience forms a solid foundation for the evolution of this new product.

Main PVE Variants PVEH and Analog PVES 7 Series with Proven 4 Solenoid Valve Bypass Technology PVEA with Proven 2 Solenoid Valve Bypass Technology PVEM and PVEO with 2 Solenoid Valve Bypass Technology in a new proprietary 3-way logic .